Snowfall Increases Avalanche Danger in Krkonoše Mountains

The Krkonoše Mountains, a spectacular range straddling the border of Poland and the Czech Republic, are currently under an increased avalanche warning due to significant snowfall. Over the last 48 hours, these snowy peaks have received an additional 40 centimeters of fresh snow, pushing the total snow depth to an impressive 160 centimeters.

The Mountain Rescue Service has heightened the avalanche danger to the third level on a five-point scale in light of the new snowfall. Particularly above altitudes of 1000 meters, the risk of slab avalanches or avalanches from the recent snow layer has significantly increased.

David Taneček, a photographer for ČTK, captured the snow-covered landscape’s awe-inspiring beauty and inherent danger. His images show tourists moving along the trails between Luční bouda and the Mountain Victims Memorial in the Krkonoše Mountains, a poignant reminder of the respect and caution the mountains command.

As the snow continues to fall, the stability tests show decreased stability. The Mountain Rescue Service expects further snowfall and strong winds throughout the day, potentially exacerbating the avalanche risk.

In this frosty weather, the highest peaks of the mountains are particularly chilling. At an altitude of 1415 meters, the Luční bouda reported a morning temperature of -9 degrees Celsius and wind gusts exceeding 64 kilometers per hour.

Notably, the avalanche-prone areas in the Krkonoše Mountains include the Kotelní jámy, the White Elbe valley from the Bouda u Bílého Labe, Kozí hřbety, and Labský, Obří, Dlouhý, and Modrý důl. Visitors and locals alike are urged to be cautious and vigilant during this period of increased avalanche danger.