For This Year’s Walpurgis Night And May Day Celebrations, It Looks Like People Will Have To Wear Jackets

Jan Sokol

On Walpurgis Night and May Day celebrations, people will likely need to wear warmer clothing this year due to cooler temperatures. The weather forecast for the end of April and the beginning of May does not predict any significant warming.

According to a long-term outlook for the next four weeks, meteorologists expect temperatures to be weakly below average or average. Precipitation until mid-May will likely be within the normal range for this time of year.

After a cold start to April, temperatures have reached average values in the past week and will remain around these levels in the upcoming week. The slightly below-average or average temperatures are expected to last until mid-May. Popular spring festivals such as burning witches or May Day celebrations will likely require warmer clothing.

“At the end of April, we expect a below-average temperature week with minimum temperatures around 4°C and maximum temperatures around 16°C. The beginning of May is very uncertain in terms of temperatures. However, there is a greater probability that it will be below average than above average,” said the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI) in a long-term outlook.

According to the CHMI, temperatures will return to average from May 8 to 14. After a stormy period in the past week, this week will still be rainy, but less so. In the following weeks until mid-May, precipitation will be mainly around the average. The CHMI estimates the period from April 17 to May 14 to end as a whole with average rainfall.