Prague Exchanges Land and Properties with the State for 1.7 Billion

Milan Malíček

The Prague City Hall will exchange land and properties with the state valued at around 1.7 billion crowns. In exchange for most of the area of the Bulovka Hospital, the city will receive, among other things, barracks in Karlín and a building on Hybernská Street from the state. Councilor Adam Zábranský (Pirates) told journalists about this.

The Prague councilors approved the agreement with the state on Monday. Municipal representatives still have to discuss and support it. The difference in the value of the exchanged properties was estimated at around 10.6 million crowns, which the capital will pay.

Both parties negotiated the exchange for a long time, and the disagreement over the land exchange at Bohdalec slowed down the agreement. This property was eventually temporarily removed from the current list of properties, and discussions about it will continue.

“After several years of negotiations that began in the previous election term, it is now expected that the state will finally acquire properties in the Bulovka area from Prague so that the hospital can continue to develop. On the other hand, Prague should receive the Karlin barracks, the Hybernska 2 building, and many other properties from the state,” said Zábranský.

Prague will receive the Karlín barracks, which includes four plots of land and three buildings valued at 1.11 billion crowns, and a building on Hybernská Street, where the neighboring campus of Charles University will expand, as well as two plots of land in the TJ Sokol Praha Královské Vinohrady complex, which are worth 94.76 million crowns. Prague will also receive other plots of land and buildings, such as in Střížkov, Prosek, and Záběhlice or at the Palmovka Primary School and TJ ABC Braník.

Initially, the capital also wanted to acquire land in Bohdalec, which state representatives have so far refused, which slowed the exchange negotiations. Therefore, the ground was removed from the approved package of properties today. “However, we will continue to negotiate with the state about developing this area for the benefit of Prague residents and to create affordable housing,” said Zábranský.

According to the councilor, negotiations with the state are not over. Both parties will discuss, for example, the state acquiring Faust’s House on Karlovo náměstí and the exit stations of Prague firefighters from the city. “In return, we should receive, among other things, the Veleslavín Castle,” said Zábranský.