Fuel Prices Decrease, Gasoline Prices Remain Stable

In the Czech Republic, oil prices have decreased again since last week, albeit at a slower pace. The average cost of a liter of oil dropped by nine Czech haléřů to 31.04 Kč/l. At the beginning of this week, diesel fuel reached below 31 Kč per liter for the first time since July 2021. On the other hand, the average price of Natural 95 gasoline remains unchanged at 36.52 Kč/l. These figures are based on data tracked by CCS, a company monitoring fuel prices.

The downward trend in oil prices in the Czech Republic started in early February when a liter was sold for over 37.70 Kč. The average price of gasoline had been declining for about a month until last week. Fuels are now significantly cheaper compared to a year ago, with gasoline being 9.66 Kč less expensive and diesel being 15.20 Kč cheaper than last year.

Drivers in the South Bohemian region enjoy the lowest fuel prices. The average cost of a liter of gasoline there is 36.15 Kč, while diesel fuel is priced at 30.25 Kč per liter. Conversely, fuel stations in Prague have the highest prices. In the capital city, the average cost for a liter of gasoline is 37.50 Kč, and diesel is priced at 32.92 Kč per liter.