Unity Prevails: Prime Minister Fiala Affirms Harmony after Meeting with Defense Minister and Chief of General Staff

Jan Handrejch

After a meeting with Defense Minister Jana Černochová (ODS) and Chief of the General Staff Karel Řehka, Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) stated on Wednesday that it will become clear that there are no conflicts. The premier is scheduled to meet with them on Thursday, responding to reports that Řehka had contemplated resigning due to disagreements with Černochová.

Fiala commented: “Reports of conflicts have appeared in the media. Even after tomorrow’s meeting, it will be evident that there are no conflicts, and everyone is working to benefit the defense capability and security of the Czech Republic and its citizens.”

He emphasized that the ministry and the military are facing significant challenges, and the situation is not easy. Fiala highlighted the ongoing modernization of the armed forces and acknowledged the potential for nervousness around it. However, he assured that all key actors are aware of their responsibility.

According to sources cited by Novinky, Řehka had reportedly offered his resignation to Fiala two weeks ago precisely due to disagreements with Černochová. However, Fiala did not accept the resignation and resolved the issue through discussions.

The three individuals are scheduled to meet on Thursday to address the situation further