Government Entrusts DIA to Develop eDoklady App, Revolutionizing ID Verification

In a significant move, the Government has entrusted the Digital Information Agency (DIA) with the task of creating the eDoklady application, set to serve as an electronic substitute for traditional ID cards starting the new year. Ivan Bartoš, the Minister for Regional Development and Digitalization (Pirates), emphasized the critical nature of this decision to prevent any potential delays in the project.

Minister Bartoš stated, “This resolution is pivotal to meet the deadline at the turn of the year. Otherwise, we would have to wait for important laws to effect, potentially causing significant project delays.”

Furthermore, Bartoš took to Twitter, assuring the public that “eDoklady will be delivered this year.” He highlighted the ample time provided to the DIA for development and testing, thanks to the government’s decision. This timeframe will save costs and facilitate the necessary infrastructure preparations for a smooth implementation.

Without this resolution, the practical development of the application would have had to wait until the Electronic Documents Act takes effect, which is projected to occur in November of this year. The government paused the legislative process associated with the act two weeks ago to address technical intricacies, including seamless integration with registries.

eDoklady will be a fully recognized alternative to traditional ID cards in the new year. One notable advantage will be increased control over personal data, enabling individuals to determine which information they wish to disclose during verification processes. In some instances, demonstrating legal adulthood alone may suffice, reducing the need for unnecessary sharing of personal details.