Embrace the Summer Heat!

This weekend, despite the current weather conditions, summer temperatures are set to arrive in the Czech Republic. Meteorologist Dagmar Honsová predicts that these warm temperatures will continue into the following week, reaching as high as 27°C.

According to Honsová, warm air will penetrate the country over the weekend, significantly increasing temperatures. Sunday may even see the arrival of summer-like weather, with temperatures reaching 25°C.

However, below-average temperatures will still mark the end of the work week, and there is a possibility of ground frost in the early morning hours on Friday, especially with little cloud cover.

Thursday’s weather will be partly cloudy, with temporary clear skies in the Czech Republic. In contrast, the eastern parts of the country, particularly the Beskydy region, can expect more overcast conditions with some rain. Afternoon temperatures will be around 11 to 15°C, significantly lower than the average for this time of year.

The weather will be mostly cloudy to partly cloudy, with sporadic showers on Friday. Morning temperatures will be cool, dropping to 8 to 2°C, and there is a chance of isolated ground frost. During the day, temperatures will range from 13 to 17°C.

As Saturday approaches, temperatures will continue to rise. It is expected to be partly cloudy, with occasional showers or thunderstorms due to transiently increased cloud cover. Morning temperatures will range from 10 to 6°C, while the daytime will be pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 19 to 23°C.

Sunday will start with clear to partly cloudy skies in the morning, transitioning to temporary cloudiness with scattered showers or thunderstorms throughout the day. Morning temperatures will range from 13 to 9°C, while daytime temperatures will climb to 21 to 25°C, providing a mild and enjoyable day.

From Monday to Wednesday, the weather is expected to be mostly clear to partly cloudy, with intermittent showers or thunderstorms. Morning temperatures will fluctuate between 13 and 9°C. In the afternoons, temperatures will rise to 22 to 26°C on Monday, and from Tuesday to Wednesday, the range is expected to increase further to 23 to 27°C.