Government Office and CVUT Join Forces to Battle Cybercriminals

The Czech Government Office and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague are joining forces to enhance cybersecurity. Both parties signed a memorandum of understanding at the Straka Academy to improve cybersecurity at the office and associated workplaces. They will also work together to establish conditions for student internships at the Government Office.

“We need a strong and independent partner with the necessary expertise in the field of information security management,” said the Head of the Government Office, Jana Kotalíková. She believes that the Faculty of Electrical Engineering can provide specialists in various cybersecurity and risk management areas and has experience in adult education.

The Faculty views this cooperation as part of the university’s social responsibility. “We are working on research and development projects that have a public impact; it is in our interest to transfer the results of our work into practice and strengthen cooperation with the government or public sector,” said Dean Petr Páta.

According to Jaroslav Burčík, who heads the Cybersecurity Center of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, the institution will help with the knowledge development of office employees, provide expert advice, and assist in selecting students from technical fields for the office’s needs.

A new form of collaboration will begin to develop during an upcoming pilot project aimed at fine-tuning procedures, responsibilities, and expectations over a selected area of information security at the Government Office. It is expected to take place within a few months.

In addition to researchers, the institution also offers partners and the public an educational program, the Cyber Security Academy. Courses are led by experienced practitioners and designed to be studied remotely, including in laboratories.

The signing of the memorandum was also praised by the Director of the National Cyber and Information Security Office, Lukáš Kintr, as a responsible approach to addressing cybersecurity should be part of our professional and civilian lives, and state institutions and the academic sector should lead by example.