Government offices and ministries will save money by using fewer lights and heating

The Office of the Government will save money in the Straka Academy and other buildings by lowering temperatures or limiting lighting to the safety minimum. Similar steps will also be taken in the ministries, reducing the number of appliances such as refrigerators.

Heat leakage should be prevented at the government office by insulating attic spaces at the cost of about CZK 10-13 million.

However, the first step towards savings will be to limit the lighting of the building at night, according to Jana Kotalíková, a spokeswoman for the office. Next year, the Government Office should save about CZK 130,000. Inside, the lighting would then be reduced to a safe minimum.

The temperature will also be reduced to 19 to 20 degrees Celsius in the corridors and foyers to 15 degrees, affecting other representative palaces under the Government Office.

Ministries will also have fewer lights and heating due to the savings. For example, the Ministry of Regional Development has already replaced older lighting fixtures with more efficient LEDs, which it expects to save around half a million crowns a year on electricity payments.

In the future, the Ministry of Education hopes to reduce energy consumption by up to 15%. With support from European subsidies, it is now planning to replace windows, insulate attics, and replace gas boilers and light fixtures. The authority is also gradually reducing the temperature in its corridors and offices.

The Ministry of Transport also wants to reduce energy consumption by about 15 percent. And the Ministry of Defence, for example, is also planning to reduce the temperature of domestic water and control the use of electrical appliances and lighting to save energy.

For savings, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has abandoned the ceremonial lighting of the main building in Prague Na Františku. It has also reduced the number of electrical appliances such as refrigerators or lowered the temperature in offices and corridors.

The Chamber of Deputies has also started to save energy. During the heating season, the parliamentary buildings will be heated centrally from 07:00 to 17:00, two hours less than before.