Guardian Angel in the Wilderness: A Tale of Rescue

In the beautiful city of Brno, a natural guardian emerged as an angel when most needed. The story of this selfless act unfolded on January 20, when a group of pensioners embarked on a trip to Stránská skála, a popular tourist spot in Brno known for its breathtaking city views. However, their pleasant day took a turn for the worse when one of them, a 70-year-old woman, slipped on the icy path and broke her ankle.

In their desperation, nature guardian Radovan Mezera appeared like a beacon of hope. Mezera, a Moravian Karst Protected Landscape Area member, didn’t hesitate to help. The severity of the woman’s injury was later revealed to be a complicated fracture, making his assistance crucial and timely.

He offered to transport the injured pensioner to the road where an ambulance could pick her up. However, realizing the urgency and the woman’s discomfort, he drove her directly to the trauma hospital. His quick response and willingness to help were impressive, earning him the gratitude of the Trubák couple, who expressed their thanks in a letter to the Karst administration.

Mezera has been part of the nature guard for years, overseeing tourists in the Moravian Karst and Stránská skála. On the day of the accident, he was on patrol. The group was in a remote location inaccessible by ambulance. Without his assistance, the woman would have had to wait in the freezing -5 degrees Celsius for rescue workers to arrive, a potentially dangerous situation.

The story ended happily with the woman undergoing surgery at the hospital. Mezera’s heroic act reminds all nature enthusiasts to take caution when venturing outdoors during icy conditions. As Mezera said, “It is necessary to be careful on every step on the ice.”