Havlíček: The government wants to contribute to 800,000 households because of increased energy prices

The government wants to use the so-called energy cheques to help around 800 000 low-income families pay for the rising cost of electricity. It plans to pay them around half of the increased costs. Payments could start as early as November. Karel Havlíček (ANO), Czech Minister of Industry, Trade, and Transport, stated.

According to Havlíček, households could pay an average of CZK 1 500 to CZK 2 000 more per year next year. Cheques would be roughly half that amount. “In this case, it could be in the low billions at most,” Havlicek said.

A short-term plan to help households potentially at risk of fuel poverty will be ready in a few weeks, he said. The government could approve it in October, and by November, the state could be delivering money to people.

However, elections to the Chamber of Deputies will be held in the Czech Republic in early October, after which the cabinet’s the