Health Insurance Companies Contribute to Exercise, Swimming, Dance, and Parkour

As summer slowly comes to an end, the rainy season approaches. This is the time when people tend to stay indoors and move less. The lack of funds for paid sports facilities is a contributing factor in many cases. However, families can receive financial support from health insurance companies, with contributions reaching thousands of Czech koruna.

Interest in these contributions is high. For example, the Occupational Health Insurance had to suspend the acceptance of applications until the new year temporarily.


The General Health Insurance Company (VZP) offers a one-time contribution of 500 Czech koruna for adults aged 18-65 for long-term physical and sports activities. This can be used for gym and swimming pool subscriptions, membership fees, or courses. The money can also be used for regular physical and sports activities provided by a physiotherapist. “To receive the contribution, it is necessary to submit a receipt or a sum of receipts totaling at least 1500 Czech koruna,” VZP states on its website.

Seniors can receive the same amount, and the contribution can be used gradually. “In this age group, the contribution can be based on payment receipts for regular and one-time physical activities. The individual receipts do not have to be for the same type of physical activity,” VZP confirms.

Parents can receive five hundred Czech koruna for infant swimming and bathing for children up to one year old. They can also receive one thousand Czech koruna for organized sports activities in clubs, associations, youth centers, or schools. This applies to children between the ages of one and eighteen.

The money can be used for gym memberships for children aged 15-18.

“Contributing to children’s physical activities is one of the most popular and frequently used benefits. Last year, approximately 180,000 parents applied for it, and the insurance company paid out 140 million Czech koruna in contributions,” said VZP spokesperson Viktorie Plívová.

According to her, this number will likely be even higher this year. “In the first half of 2023, VZP received a third more applications for children’s physical activity contributions compared to the same period in the previous year,” she added.


Similarly, the Occupational Health Insurance (OZP) regularly offers contributions for sports activities for children and adults. “It has long been one of the most sought-after contributions. This year, it was set at 1000 or 500 Czech koruna per person,” said OZP spokesperson František Tlapák. Policyholders could use this contribution by submitting a receipt for membership fees in sports clubs and circles, entrance fees to sports facilities, and similar expenses.

“However, the past tense in the previous sentence is not a mistake. This year, there was such a high demand for this contribution that we depleted the budget for the entire year by June. This is despite increasing the budget by approximately six million Czech koruna compared to 2022,” he added, noting that the program will reopen in January.


Parents can receive up to one thousand Czech koruna per year from the Military Health Insurance of the Czech Republic (VOZP) for their children’s activities up to eighteen. This includes parent-child exercise, basic physical training, athletics, firefighting sports, gymnastics, soccer, floorball, hockey, rugby, tennis, table tennis, badminton, squash, ricochet, volleyball, canoeing, and similar sports. It can also be used for popular youth activities, such as street parkour, climbing, supervised trampolining, cheerleading clubs, martial arts, and dance. Additionally, children can receive five hundred Czech koruna for swimming.

Adults can also receive five hundred Czech koruna per year for swimming, whether for a membership or one-time visits and swimming courses. Another five hundred Czech koruna can be used for regular physical and recreational activities. “The application for the contribution can be submitted online through a mobile application or a web client portal, as well as on a paper form by mail or in person at any contact point. The application must be accompanied by a receipt for the relevant physical activity or swimming,” said Jan Mates, Head of the Marketing Department.


The Czech Industrial Health Insurance Company (ČPZP) contributes 1500 Czech koruna to insured individuals under eighteen. This can be used for the following programs and amounts: organized swimming courses of up to 1000 Czech koruna, sports clubs of up to 500 Czech koruna, protective helmets of up to 500 Czech koruna, ski training of up to 500 Czech koruna, and sports check-ups of up to 500 Czech koruna.

“Adult policyholders can receive a contribution of 700 Czech koruna through the Regular Movement program, up to 1000 Czech koruna through the Step for Health program, and up to 500 Czech koruna for the Sports Check-up program,” said spokesperson Elenka Mazurová.

Blood and bone marrow donors can receive additional amounts ranging from 500 to 6000 Czech koruna for physical activities. “Therefore, adult policyholders in ČPZP can receive up to 8200 Czech koruna for sports activities,” Mazurová added.