Weekend Temperatures to Drop, Indian Summer Expected Next Week

Summer temperatures are set to continue into next week, unaffected by the weekend cooldown that will keep temperatures below 20°C on Saturday and Sunday. This will be due to a fluctuating cold front, which will start affecting our weather from Friday, according to meteorologist Dagmar Honsová. She added that the weather next week will be characterized by the Indian summer.

On Thursday, the weather will be mostly partly cloudy or explicit, with occasional morning fog or low clouds. Afternoon highs will reach 23-27°C, and in the Polabí and Poohří regions, it could be a degree higher. The east should expect fresh winds.

Friday will start partly cloudy, but cloud cover will increase from the west, and there may be rain or showers, occasionally accompanied by thunderstorms. It will be warm in the morning, with lows around 17°C, and temperatures will reach 21-24°C during the day. In the west, temperatures will be around 19°C.

Tropical Weather Gives Way to Indian Summer

Saturday marks the beginning of astronomical autumn at 8:49 AM when the sun enters the sign of Libra, and the autumnal equinox occurs. Saturday will be the coldest day of the week, with afternoon temperatures below 20°C,” added meteorologist Honsová.

Cloudy skies with rain or showers are expected, gradually diminishing from the northwest in the afternoon. Morning temperatures will range from 14-10°C, and afternoon temperatures will be between 14-19°C.

On Sunday, there will still be some precipitation in the form of rain or showers in the east. Otherwise, it will be mostly cloudy to partly cloudy, with morning lows ranging from 11-7°C. Afternoon temperatures will reach 16-20°C.

Starting Monday, temperatures and occasional fog or low clouds will rise again. Monday will be mostly clear or partly cloudy, with morning temperatures between 10-5°C and daytime temperatures ranging from 21-25°C.

Tuesday will follow a similar pattern. Morning lows will range from 11-7°C, and daytime temperatures will reach 22-26°C.

Wednesday will bring a further partial increase in temperatures. Mostly partly cloudy to clear skies accompany morning lows between 12-8°C, while daytime temperatures will reach 23-27°C.