Iconic Brno Hotel Myslivna to be Replaced with Unique Viewpoint Complex

Vladimír Klepáč

The famous Hotel Myslivna, once one of Brno’s most luxurious hotels, is set to be demolished. In its place, a 2 billion CZK project dubbed “Nová Myslivna” is expected to rise by the spring of 2026. This new complex will combine a hotel area with a separate section housing 90 apartments.

According to Miroslav Gebas from the architectural office Gebas Atelier Architekts, which created the Nová Myslivna project, the old hotel complex was beyond saving. Poor structural conditions led the decision to tear down the old building and start anew.

Hotel Myslivna, a three-star hotel, was built half a century ago on the same site as a namesake tourist restaurant. Designed by architect Jan Dvořák, the hotel was considered a unique construction but not special enough to be heritage-protected. Over the years, it has been a venue for significant congresses and has hosted numerous famous personalities, including former prime ministers.

The Nová Myslivna project will serve as a residential space and continue catering to the public. The new six-story structure will feature a hotel section and apartments. An adjoining restaurant with a view will offer stunning vistas of Špilberk Castle, the cathedral on Petrov, and other dominant features of Brno.

The project’s creators are open about being freely inspired by the original design of Hotel Myslivna by Jan Dvořák. However, Nová Myslivna will sport a modern structure built using the latest technologies. One exciting feature is that the original Myslivna, which also served as a congress center, had interpreter booths for international events.