Healthcare Workers and Civil Servants to Strike Against the Government

Aleš Honus

Unionized healthcare workers, civil servants, and employees of leading Czech company Škoda Auto are planning to protest against the Government. They join hundreds of other industrial companies and school personnel, with the total number of protestors projected to be hundreds of thousands.

The planned strikes are a response to the increasing pressure from unions. Healthcare workers from several hospitals and officials from the Czech Social Security Administration and the Labour Office have voiced their intent to participate. This follows several demonstrations against the Government of Petr Fiala (ODS) that have already taken place.

The chairwoman of the health unions, Dagmar Žitníková, confirmed to Novinky that the General University Hospital, Bulovka, and the Vinohrady Hospital in Prague, among others, will join the strike. Strikes are also anticipated in Jihlava, South Bohemia, South Moravia, and Pardubice, with a special event organized by a hospital in Tábor. However, acute care will not be affected by the strike.

The Union of State Bodies and Organizations chairman, Pavel Bednář, stated that civil servants are also preparing to strike. Some offices plan a one-hour strike, while others might even hold an all-day strike. However, this does not necessarily mean that service counters for the public will be closed, as only a portion of the staff at each branch may participate in the strike.

State employees in the Czech Republic prepare for a significant strike on Monday, protesting against government measures, including a consolidation package and pension reform. The strike is not directed against employers but against the Government’s efforts.