Improve Your Career: Ministry Offers up to 50,000 CZK for Courses

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has announced a call for proposals to improve the professional qualifications of employees. Employers can apply for a subsidy of up to 50,000 CZK per employee, which can be used for courses, seminars, and other forms of education.

The subsidy aims to increase the qualifications and skills of employees and thus contribute to the competitiveness of Czech companies. Both private and public sector employers, including self-employed individuals, can apply for the subsidy.

The subsidy can be used for education in various fields, such as information technology, language skills, management, and marketing. The subsidy covers up to 90% of the costs of the course, with the maximum amount being 50,000 CZK per employee. The minimum amount of the subsidy is 5,000 CZK per employee.

Employers can apply for the subsidy from May 3 to December 31, 2023, or until the funds are exhausted. The subsidy is part of the Human Resources and Employment Operational Program, financed by the European Social Fund and the state budget.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs believes that the subsidy will help increase the competitiveness of Czech companies and the qualifications and skills of employees. The subsidy is expected to be in high demand, as many companies have been affected by the pandemic and are looking to improve their operations and strengthen their workforce.