In a duel with Babiš, Pavel would win. Nerudová’s support is growing

Kateřina Šulová

According to Median’s August election model, Andrej Babiš and Petr Pavel would advance to the second round of the presidential election, with Danuše Nerudová finishing third. Although Babiš is leading, he would lose in a duel with Pavel in the second round, according to the poll. Babiš has not yet announced his candidacy.

According to the model, Babiš’s support has dropped slightly to 23.5 percent, while Pavel’s has risen slightly to 22 percent.

In a second round, Pavel would probably win in a mutual duel. “Based on decided voters who would turn out to vote, Pavel has higher support (58 percent). For Andrej Babiš, 42 percent of the decided respondents were in favor,” the agency said.

However, more than a fifth of respondents does not yet know whether or whom they will vote for in the second round.

Danuše Nerudová follows Babiš and Pavel with 11.5 percent support. “Danuše Nerudová’s support has increased significantly since the last survey,” the agency said, adding that nearly three-quarters of her voters are women.

They are followed by trade union leader Josef Středula (7.5 percent) and senators Marek Hilšer and Pavel Fischer (6.5 percent).

The model also includes Senator Miroslava Němcová (3.5 %), former President Václav Klaus (3 %), businessman Karel Janeček (2.5 %), musician Michael Kocáb and Prague Chief State Prosecutor Lenka Bradáčová (both 2 %).

According to the model, Babiš’s electoral potential is 31 percent, and Pavel’s is 34.5 percent. Fischer (21 percent), Nerudová (19.5 percent), and Hilšer (19 percent) follow close behind.

The agency also said that almost half (49.7 percent) of respondents are sure about participating but do not know who they will vote for. 36.1 percent of respondents are clear.

Turnout would reach 63 percent. The survey was conducted from 1 to 31 August and involved 1,003 respondents.