In June, Škoda Auto will resume deliveries to Ukraine

Škoda Auto

In June, Škoda Auto will resume deliveries to Ukraine. In the initial phase, 80 Škoda cars will be delivered to Ukraine. They will be partially disassembled and then assembled at the plant of business partner Eurocar in Solomonov, Ukraine.

Tomáš Kotera, Škoda Auto’s head of communications, told the Czech Press Agency. Due to the Russian invasion, the production of Škoda cars in Ukraine has been interrupted.

The cars will be transported to Ukraine by train in the form of the so-called SKD, i.e., Semi Knocked Down. The engine, gearbox, front axle, rear axle, wheels, exhaust, and, in the case of the 4×4 version, the driveshaft are dismantled from the finished cars. Together with the bodywork, they are packed onto a pallet for reassembly at the plant in Ukraine.

“In the initial phase, 80 Skoda cars will be delivered to Ukraine in SKD form. These will be SUV models, the Kodiaq and Karoq. Any increase in production volume at the Solomonov plant in Ukraine will depend on further developments in the war situation,” Kotera said.