In the Czech Republic, the man ended up losing CZK 2.5 million clicking on the ad and installing the app

A 46-year-old man from the Kolín region lost CZK 2.5 million in recent days. He believed in an advertisement for money appreciation and then a company representative who forced him to install a program for remote access to his mobile phone. The unknown man then made 20 payments.

The forty-six-year-old man saw an advertisement on a social network promising a return on his investment. Fraudsters sometimes increase the credibility of ads by using well-known celebrities or companies.

The man opened the page and signed up. Immediately afterward, a company representative called him and offered to help. After the first communication, the man was supposed to pay CZK 5,900 for the alleged stock purchase.

The next day, the sales representative called again, saying that the man needed to put more money into the investment. He gave him further advice, including that he should install the AnyDesk program on his mobile phone, which is used for remote access.

“The victim then confirmed several transactions via the internet banking key, believing it to be confirmation of the announced loans the unknown man was talking about. He then found out in mobile internet banking that a total of 20 payments had been sent from two accounts, totaling almost CZK 2.5 million,” police spokeswoman Michaela Richterová said.

Police are searching for the unknown fraudster, who faces up to eight years behind bars.