Inflation slowed to 15.8 percent in December. It averaged 15.1 percent for the whole of last year

The annual inflation rate was 15.8 percent in December, 0.4 percentage points lower than November’s 16.2 percent. On a month-over-month basis, consumer prices remained the same as in November. For the whole of 2022, the average inflation rate was 15.1 percent. The Czech Statistical Office (CSO) published the data on Wednesday.

As in the previous two months, government measures to curb energy prices had an impact on the December data.

“The average inflation rate for 2022 was 15.1 percent. This was the second-highest figure since the establishment of the independent Czech Republic. It was higher only in 1993, at 20.8 percent. Prices of goods rose by 16.8 percent and services by 12.3 percent in 2022,  according to Pavla Šedivá, head of the consumer price statistics department of the Czech Statistical Office.