Innogy will also discount gas for existing customers

Innogy, the largest domestic gas supplier, will discount gas for existing customers. It will retroactively adjust the price list for about 320,000 customers to February 1. The new gas price, effective until the end of this year, will be below the government’s ceiling of CZK 3,025 per megawatt-hour (MWh), Innogy said in a press release on Monday.

The new price list applies to the Standard primary product indefinitely. According to the company, the discount will be 18 percent for customers who heat with gas, which equates to a saving of about CZK 240 per MWh under the government’s cap. The supplier said that customers who only cook with gas would even get a discount of around 34 percent.

“In the second half of February, we will start automatically adjusting customers’ deposits where reasonable. So, for example, in a situation where a customer has regular billing in March, the new deposit plan will be adjusted for the customer after the regular billing is issued. This way, customers do not need to set up the advances, nor do they need to apply for a discount,” said David Konvalina, Innogy’s Director of Retail and Marketing.

Last week, he was the first to announce a price list adjustment for existing E.ON customers. Millions of customers are affected by the suppliers’ electricity and gas discounts.

Innogy has already announced one price list change this year. In response to positive price developments on wholesale markets, it has discounted gas for new customers, below the government’s cap.