Jan Zahradil, The Brussels Matador, Talks About His Political Future And His Pro-China Reputation

Milan Malíček

Jan Zahradil, a Czech Member of the European Parliament representing the ODS party, has recently interviewed, where he discussed his plans for the future and addressed accusations of pro-China lobbying.

In the interview, Zahradil expressed interest in running for the Czech Parliament in 2025 or taking up a position at the Czech Foreign Ministry. He also denied feeling troubled by allegations of pro-China lobbying and stated that his pro-China reputation does not bother him. Zahradil has been known for his stance on China, which differs from the mainstream, and he has been accused of having a pro-China bias.

Zahradil’s decision to leave the European Parliament has been controversial, as he is a prominent figure in the ODS party. However, he stated that there was no pressure from the party to leave and that he decided on his own. Zahradil’s departure from the European Parliament has also sparked speculation about the ODS party’s future in the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) group.

Overall, Zahradil’s interview sheds light on his political future and views on China, which have been the subject of much discussion in recent years.