Karlovy Vary: A Look at the Costs of Thermal Swimming and Local Treats

Vít Hassan

The Karlovy Vary film festival is a well-known event in the Czech Republic, but what about the costs of visiting the city outside of the festival? We take a closer look.

In a recent report, we explored the high prices of food in the city, including a typical chicken steak with potatoes for around 290 Czech korunas, fried cheese for a similar price, and dishes like duck and cabbage for 450 korunas. Even chicken wings with salad can cost around 340 korunas. Local staff claimed that these prices were standard and were not changed for the festival.

But it’s not just food that can be pricey in Karlovy Vary. The report also highlights the Thermal swimming pool, which charges 2,399 korunas for a family to use the facilities for a full day. For an individual, three hours of swimming will cost 599 korunas. Even children up to age 15 will pay 399 korunas for three hours, and a full day’s entry for a child is 599 korunas.

Despite the high costs, the report notes that the Thermal facilities are a beautiful and refreshing environment, and the pool is a must-visit spot for those who love to swim.

Another local treat that can add up is the famous Karlovy Vary wafers. Available in various kiosks and shops around the city, these wafers can cost a pretty penny. In one shop near the film festival, traditional wafers with a two-hundred-year-old recipe cost 45 korunas for 65 grams or 75 korunas for 180 grams. Prices were nearly identical in another nearby shop, called Original Karlovarské Oplatky.

While the costs of visiting Karlovy Vary may add up, the city remains a beautiful and culturally rich destination for visitors worldwide.