“Kaštan na Kampě” – A Beloved Tree Falls

In the northern part of the Kampa Park in Prague, the “Jírovec maďal” tree, also known as “Kaštan,” is set to be cut down in the coming days due to fatal damage caused by the parasitic fungus, dřevomor kořenový. The tree’s base has extensive dead tissues with wood rot, and the root collar has suffered significant damage, leading to safety concerns for park visitors. The circumference of the tree’s trunk is 295 centimeters, and it stands 22 meters tall.

The news of the loss of this beloved tree has left many people in the community saddened. The “Kaštan” has been a prominent figure in the park for many years, and its shade has provided a peaceful place for park-goers to relax and enjoy nature.

To ensure the tree’s legacy lives on, the city will replace it with a young “Jírovec maďal” tree in the fall. The soil will be thoroughly replaced after removing the old tree to ensure that the new tree has optimal growing conditions.

The decision to cut down the “Kaštan” was not taken lightly. Before making the decision, the authorities conducted tomographic measurements to evaluate the extent of the damage. The results confirmed that the damage was fatal, and the tree was at risk of falling, making it unsafe for the public.

The loss of the “Kaštan” highlights the importance of preserving natural resources and maintaining green spaces in urban areas. Trees provide shade and beauty and play a vital role in the ecosystem by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen.