Last Year It Was Techtle Mechtle, Now We Have Another Club In The Centre Of Prague Where They Do Not Respect The Restrictions, Babiš Said

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) once again appealed to citizens to get vaccinated on his show Čau lidi on Facebook on Sunday. As an example of the spread of the coronavirus variant delta, he cited a club in the centre of Prague where 34 young people had contracted the variant.

“The delta is here. Last year we had Techtle Mechtle,” Babiš said, adding that now it is a different club in the centre of the metropolis. “There’s a really big problem there. Now about 34 young people have been infected there,” he said, adding that “this club does not observe the restrictions at all, they normally dance there. An inspection comes, they ignore it, so wrong.” He said the infection is spreading mainly among young people who are not vaccinated.

Babis said vaccination is still highly topical. “We are approaching ten million doses administered, that will happen during July,” the prime minister said.

As for the possible postponement of the date of the second vaccination dose, Babiš said over 200,000 calls were handled, a fifth of which were not answered because no other date was available. “That is why we have modified the website, where citizens can find information on how they can postpone the dates, and next week we will add information on all available dates for the second dose,” Babiš announced.

He also reminded that a vaccination centre without registration will open on Monday in Prague’s Smíchov district and on Wednesday in Ostrava’s Nová Karolina centre and Brno’s Olympia.