Last year, mobile service revenues increased by 2.6 percent to CZK 41.82 billion

Domestic telecommunications companies earned CZK 41.82 billion for mobile services in 2018, a 2.6 percent increase from 2020. The average revenue per SIM card rose by CZK 7 to CZK 2,799. This is based on data from the Czech Telecommunications Office.

The number of active SIM cards increased by 343,000 to 14.943 million compared to the previous year. The total number of minutes called increased by 947,000 to 26.97 million, and the volume of data transferred rose by three-quarters to 380 million GB, the statistics show.

The price of one minute of a mobile call fell by four cents to 74 cents, they said. Compared to 2018, this represents a drop of 20 cents. The price of one megabyte of data transferred fell by two pennies to three pennies. Four years ago, it was ten pennies.

Aside from the three operators with their own networks, 125 virtual mobile operators were on the market, a 9% decrease year on year. Their share of the total number of active SIM cards was 3.6 percent.