Lightning Strike in Prague Causes Problems in Czech Television Broadcasting

Last night, Prague and its surrounding areas were hit by a strong thunderstorm, which caused many problems, including issues with Czech Television (ČT) broadcasting. A lightning strike hit near the ČT news building on Kavčí hory, leading to the interruption of ČT1 broadcasting and problems with image displacement. According to ČT spokesperson Karolína Blinková, these issues have been gradually resolved, but some broadcasting problems still persist.

The thunderstorm also caused many other issues, such as fallen trees and limited public transportation. Firefighters had to respond to fallen trees, which was challenging for drivers.

While many people suffered from the broadcasting blackout, others tried to find humor. Many memes and jokes about the ČT broadcasting blackout and the thunderstorm that hit Prague appeared online.

This incident shows how important it is to have good protection against thunderstorms. When a storm hits, it can have severe implications for broadcasting, transportation, and other areas. It is essential to have plans in place on how to deal with these situations and minimize damages.

However, thunderstorms are also a part of summer weather, and many people enjoy them as an opportunity to watch lightning strikes and listen to thunder. It is essential to realize that thunderstorms are a natural and dangerous phenomenon. Safety measures must always be followed to ensure personal safety.