Líně Airport Set to Continue Serving the Military, No Room for Industry

Stanislava Benešová

The Ministry of Defense intends to fully utilize the entire area of the reserve military airport in Líně, near Plzeň, where Volkswagen initially considered building a gigafactory. This decision leaves no room for industry. Plzeň’s mayor, Rudolf Špoták, confirmed the news.

In a recent meeting at the Ministry of Defense, Špoták emphasized the army’s desire to retain the entire space. He added that a civilian airport would also remain operational in Líně. However, discussions are still ongoing about the form and conditions under which this will occur.

According to the mayor, this means no space will be left in the Líně area for industrial production. “I expect that in the coming months, we will negotiate with the Ministry of Defence on how to incorporate this change into the principles of the spatial development of the Plzeň Region,” he added.

The outcome of the meeting did not surprise Špoták. He said, “The report is expected. The army in Líně is planning new projects.”

The army considers the local airport a strategic location and a reserve area. “We can all assure that there will be no supersonic fighter jets, including F-35s. Neither will they have a base for new American helicopters,” dismissed Miroslav Hlaváč, the first deputy chief of the Army’s General Staff.

Volkswagen had eyed Líně as a potential site for a giant factory producing batteries for electric cars. However, the corporation recently announced that it has temporarily abandoned the plan.