President Pavel’s Saint Nicholas Visit to Královéhradecký Region

Josef Vostárek

On December 5th, 2023, President Petr Pavel and his wife Eva launched a Saint Nicholas visit to the Královéhradecký region. Saint Nicholas welcomed The presidential couple in an orphanage in the Orlické Mountains’ Sedloňov, accompanied by a devil and an angel.

Their visit began with a two-day trip to the Children’s Clinic of the Královéhradecká Faculty Hospital and the Královéhradecký Regional Office. “I prefer agreement over confrontation. The problems of healthcare will not be solved by increasing salaries,” stated Pavel. He stressed the necessity of ensuring that young people from the region do not leave, preventing an increase in the region’s average age.

One of the areas of interest for the president during his visit was the need to balance between wolf packs, especially in Broumov, and cattle breeders. According to Pavel, “It is not possible to have a large number of predators on a limited territory, which has no opponents in nature,” hinting at a possible regulation of wolves.

Pavel also paid his respects to Karel Schwarzenberg, a diplomat, MP, and senator, at his funeral. Rather than delivering a statesman’s speech, Pavel offered a personal remembrance of Schwarzenberg, who never acted to secure his re-election to any political function.

The itinerary also led the presidential couple to Náchod and Trutnov, including the Red Church, where Pavel’s grandparents lived. Their family house in the neighboring Lhota has undergone a complete reconstruction. They also visited the Broumov area, often visiting his wife’s cottage.

This visit served as a reminder of the deep-rooted traditions and the importance of face-to-face conversations with the public, especially during these festive times.