Lipavský: Czechia Is Not Safe

Ntb, Reuters

During a seminar on Czech Republic’s security strategy, Jan Lipavský (Pirates), head of diplomacy, stated that Czechia is unsafe. He believes that the threat comes from Russia and China, so investment in security is necessary. Lipavský also mentioned that the security situation has worsened, and a new Security Strategy for the Czech Republic needs to be adopted in the coming months. The last one was from 2015.

The chief of the Armed Forces’ general staff of the Czech Republic, Karel Řehka, also used strong words regarding the current security situation. He stated that it is possible that war could break out between Russia and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

If such a conflict occurred, Czechia would be involved from the beginning. Preparation and deterrence are vital in preventing such a scenario.

Prime Minister Petr Fiala’s (ODS) government has committed to updating the strategic document from 2015 in its program statement. As confirmed by ODS deputy Eva Decroix, the government could discuss the new document in June. Before that, the State Security Council should address it.

Lipavský, whose ministry is involved in creating the new strategy, explained that it should describe what the interests of Czechia are, what needs to be protected, and what represents threats and sources of instability. The public should access the document only after the government approves it.

The Security Strategy of the Czech Republic from 2015 is a primary document of the Czech Republic’s security policy, followed by other strategies and concepts. It is a government document developed in cooperation with the Office of the President of the Republic and the Parliament of the Czech Republic to find non-partisan approaches to security issues. The Czech security community, including representatives of the state and non-state sectors, also participated in its creation.