Major Transformation: Pankrác Metro Station Closed for a Year

Institut plánování a rozvoje (IPR Praha)

The Pankrác Metro Station, a significant node on the Prague public transport network, will be closed for a year starting January 2025. This closure is due to the construction of the new Metro D line. The station will serve as a transfer node between the C and D lines, with trains passing through but not stopping. This information comes from a document approved by the Prague City Council. The transfer node will be the most technologically complex part of the planned section towards Nové Dvory.

The Prague Transport Company, in collaboration with the city, has already made provisions for the closure of the Pankrác station. Among other solutions, they have extended the tram tracks to Pankrác, completed in 2021. Additional replacement transportation in the area will be provided by buses.

Furthermore, plans are underway to extend the trams to the Czech Post building located on the corner of Budějovická and Na Strži streets. Commuters who use the Pankrác station, an area that has seen massive office building construction over the past decades, will be redirected to the nearby Pražského povstání and Budějovická stations.

Pankrác station awaits a considerable transformation, set to become the largest station on line D. Currently; underground work is already in progress at this location and the adjacent Olbrachtova station.

In addition to being a transfer station, Pankrác will also serve as a rail link with the C line until a depot is built in Písnice. From the depot at Kačerov, trains will depart for the D line.

The competition to build the D line was marked by disputes and lawsuits. Nevertheless, the Prague Transport Company expects the new line to be operational by 2029, signaling a significant leap forward for the city’s transport infrastructure.