Man Randomly Attacks People in Prague 6, and Police Seek Additional Victims

A man has been randomly attacking people in Prague 6, and the police are searching for additional victims. The police are looking for more possible victims of a man who, on Monday evening, inexplicably punched at least seven people in Prague’s Dejvice district. The suspect is currently in a psychiatric hospital, and after his release, detectives will investigate the motive for his actions.

So far, the case is being investigated for suspicion of hooliganism and bodily harm, according to Jan Daněk, a police spokesperson, on the Prague police website.

Detectives suspect a twenty-three-year-old man of punching five adult women and two children in the face on Monday around 7:00 p.m. He attacked the victims, who did not know each other, on Verdunská, Bubenečská, and Raisova streets and on a playground at Pushkin Square in Prague 6. He caused various injuries to the women, some of whom had to take time off work.

The attacker was apprehended on the spot by the husband of one of the victims, who handed him over to summoned guards and police officers. Singer Michal Hrůza pacified the attacker.

The number of victims of the attack may not be final. “Detectives have discovered that at least one as-yet-unidentified girl was also attacked in this way, and we now need to contact her,” the police spokesman said. Victims and any additional witnesses can call the 158 hotlines.

If convicted, the perpetrator faces up to five years in prison because the crime was committed against a child.