Massive thunderstorms passed over the Czech Republic

The forecast of meteorologists came true. Severe thunderstorms struck on Monday afternoon in the Ore Mountains, and in the early evening, they slowly progressed through the Ústí nad Labem region.

The next wave of storms arrived from Bavaria around 22:00. The storms were accompanied not only by strong winds and downpours but also by hail. In the Ore Mountains, the hourly rainfall stopped at 33 mm.

Dubí and Teplice were hit by heavy hail. Within an hour and a half, firefighters in the Ústí nad Labem region had 33 calls. Most were in the Teplice region, where water flooded the main road.

In Třebívlice and other places in the Litoměřice region, hail fell up to three centimeters high. Strong thunderstorms also reached southern Bohemia, hitting Strakonice. They were again accompanied by heavy hail. In Volyn, hailstones reached up to four centimeters in size.

The railway line between Strakonice and Horažďovice remained impassable after the storm. It is the main line from Plzeň to České Budějovice. Repairs will take all morning. The Railway Administration (SŽ) has arranged alternative bus transport. The line is underground. Trees have fallen on the catenary. It is the section Střelské Hoštice – Strakonice, according to information on the Czech Railways (ČD) website.

In the Pilsen Region, firefighters have carried out over one hundred fifty interventions during the night. The cases involved flooded basements and garages. The most affected areas were Rokycany, southern Pilsen, and Klatovy.

There were also storms in Prague. The storm brought with it only a lot of lightning and rain.