Maxim Velčovský and Vítězslav Danda win the public tender to redesign the Českomoravská metro station in Prague

Archiv soutěže DPP

The Czech Republic’s public transport system is set to get a modern makeover as designers Maxim Velčovský and Vítězslav Danda win the public tender for the redesign of the interior of the Českomoravská metro station in Prague. The station will be renovated, with original ceramic tiles replaced by glass panels with a particular raster. The new design is said to continue the artistic tradition of Prague’s metro.

The competition, launched in the autumn of 2022 by the Prague Public Transit Co. (DPP), saw 43 teams apply, including an architect and a designer. Nine finalists were selected by a panel and asked to submit their designs. The DPP plans to award a public contract for reconstructing the Českomoravská station based on the competition results later this year.

The competition’s task was to create a graphic and artistic design for the station’s interior, particularly the creation of glass cladding on the walls behind the tracks and in the entrance vestibule, and to select the colors of enameled tiles on the platform and in the escalator tunnel. Glass, combined with enamel, has several advantages. Firstly, it is easy to maintain, and secondly, the glass appears in several stations on the B line, such as Karlovo náměstí or Náměstí Republiky.

The original ceramic cladding proved to be an unsatisfactory solution during the station’s operation. In contact with water from leaks, the ceramics change their dimensions; thus, the support system ceases to function. Some of its parts cannot be replaced without damage.

The winning design by Velčovský and Danda features a glass raster that captures the main aspects of the metro station, such as noise, people, and movement. The design is innovative and unique, with the glass panels capturing air bubbles that are frozen in time. The bubbles create a 3D effect on the glass panel, which is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The new design of the Českomoravská station aims to create a comfortable and modern environment for its passengers. Using glass panels with a particular raster is innovative and practical, with easy maintenance and a unique artistic design. The design continues the artistic tradition of Prague’s metro while also being functional for passengers. The station will become a modern and popular destination for Prague’s residents and visitors.