Passenger Car Production in Czech Republic Sees Strong Growth in Q1 2023

The production of passenger cars in the Czech Republic in the first quarter increased by 31.5 percent year-on-year to 353,770 vehicles. Of this, 11.7 percent of production was made up of electric cars. Production results thus approached pre-crisis values ​​in 2019. The Automotive Industry Association (SAP) announced this on Monday.

A total of 24,950 vehicles were aimed at the domestic market, which is 10.2 percent more than the previous year, and the car manufacturers exported 328,820 cars, a year-on-year increase of 33.4 percent.

The largest automaker, Škoda Auto, increased production by 42.4 percent to 231,652 cars. Hyundai in Nošovice produced 88,300 vehicles, 18.8 percent more year-on-year, and Toyota in Kolín increased output by 5.2 percent to 33,818 passenger cars.

“Although the situation in”the supply chain is still not easy, and it will be necessary to rebalance the production capacities of individual components with the persistent demand for vehicles, I perceive a gradual return to a balanced state. It is all the more important to prevent counterproductive regulatory interventions in the market, which could happen, for example, in the case of adopting the Euro 7 standard in its current form,” said Martin Jahn, president of”the Automotive Industry Association.

In the first quarter, 1,101 buses were produced in the Czech Republic, a year-on-year decrease of 11.6 percent. Of this, 57 buses were intended for the domestic market, and the remaining 1,099 were exported. Iveco CR in Vysoké Mýto produced 1,025 buses, 9.7 percent less than last year. SOR Libchavy built 71 buses, which is 22.8 percent less year-on-year.

Tatra Trucks, the only truck manufacturer among the association members, produced 361 vehicles in the first quarter, 59 more than in the same period last year. A total of 284 Tatra cars were exported.

Jawa in Týnec produced 183 motorcycles, 495 less than last year. Of the total production, 88 motorcycles of this brand were placed on the Czech market.

Domestic manufacturers produced 4,607 trailers of all sizes between January and March, 18.6 percent less year-on-year. Agados had 4,038 trailers up to 3.5 tons, a decrease of 18.8 percent. Schwarzmüller produced 434 large trailers, a quarter less than in the same period last year. On the other hand, Panav increased production by 21.6 percent to 135 campers of all sizes.