Maximize Your Savings on Heating Costs with Heat Pump Installation

Installing a heat pump can be a significant investment that can result in substantial savings on heating costs. However, following specific rules and conditions is essential to ensure the heat pump is effective and efficient. According to Jakub Mahel, CEO of Acetex, the overall savings depend on the type of heating being replaced by the pump, and savings typically range between 30 and 70 percent compared to the original costs.

One crucial factor affecting the efficiency of a heat pump is the house’s condition. If the house has significant heat losses due to leaky windows, doors, or poor insulation, the heat pump may not be as effective. Therefore, addressing any significant heat losses before installing a heat pump to maximize its benefits is essential.

Another important consideration is the technical room where the heat pump is installed. The room should have a separate supply cable and be at least 1.5 by 2.5 meters in size, with doors at least 80 cm wide. It should also have the option of connecting to the sewerage system for overflow valves. The technical room contains water tanks, secondary fuses, a control unit, and other components necessary for the heat pump’s operation.

When choosing a heat pump supplier, it is essential to select a certified company or worker and choose a branded pump that meets subsidy conditions and has acceptable performance. The noise level is also a crucial factor to consider.

The cost of installing a heat pump can range from CZK 360,000 to CZK 450,000, but a subsidy from the state is available, and the payback period can be as little as three or four years. The installation takes two to three days and should be done outside the heating season, as the heating system needs to be drained. It should be noted that some electric current is required for the heat pump’s operation, and the pumps operate at temperatures of approximately minus 25 degrees Celsius.

The most common types of heat pumps are air/water pumps, followed by ground/water pumps. Ground/water pumps typically have higher initial costs because they require land modification or drilling. Therefore, choosing the type of pump most suitable for the home’s location and requirements is essential.