Energy-Efficient Upgrades for Czech Apartment Buildings: Government Subsidies Available!

Czech apartment buildings can receive significant financial support from the government for energy-efficient upgrades. In addition to subsidies for installing photovoltaic panels, owners of apartment buildings and condominium associations can apply for funding under the “New Green Savings” program for energy-saving measures such as insulation, new windows, and more. Small businesses can also benefit from the program, with access to grants of up to half a million crowns from notable separate funding titles.

Owners of apartment buildings, condominium associations, or designated apartment unit owners can apply for support, although subsidies cannot be requested for new construction. If a building combines multiple measures, it can receive a bonus of up to CZK 150,000. The subsidy covers up to half of the total eligible expenses for insulation of perimeter walls, roofs, ceilings, and floors and window or door replacement.

The amount of the subsidy ranges from CZK 700 to CZK 3,800 per square meter, depending not only on the area of the insulated structure but also on the building’s energy parameters achieved. The higher the quality of the insulation, the higher the level of support. Even protected heritage buildings are eligible for subsidies if they have requested a building permit before July 1, 2013.

The program also offers subsidies for replacing non-ecological boilers with biomass or heat pumps. The subsidy can reach up to millions of crowns depending on the number of units. Owners of individual apartment units can also request support for the exchange of reliable fuel sources. Still, repeated replacements cannot be supported if the previously supported sale occurred after January 1, 2009.

Subsidies can also be used to acquire and install systems for preparing hot water using solar panels or heat pumps, with the potential to reach up to several million crowns. Solar thermal and photovoltaic water heating systems are supported, with the possibility of heating support via a heat pump. However, this subsidy cannot be used for new construction.

Apartment buildings can also receive funding for central systems utilizing wastewater heat, including system accessories and installation. However, this subsidy does not apply to new construction. Building owners can receive up to CZK 300,000 to acquire green roofs for one project.

The New Green Savings program is an excellent opportunity for Czech apartment building owners to invest in energy-efficient upgrades and take advantage of government subsidies. By reducing energy consumption, buildings can significantly reduce their carbon footprint, decrease energy bills, and increase the property’s overall value.