Meteorological Station at Prague Airport Fully Operational Again

Weather data is crucial for the operation of any airport, and the Václav Havel Airport in Prague is no exception. Last week, its meteorological station, which provides data essential for air traffic control, was damaged by lightning. Due to adverse weather conditions and the absence of data, some flights had to be redirected.

However, the airport’s meteorological station and data transmission are now fully operational. Monika Hrubalová, the spokesperson for the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ), confirmed this on Wednesday. The system for collecting measured meteorological data from ČHMÚ was fully restored last Tuesday evening.

During the malfunction, the ČHMÚ provided forecast and warning services to ensure take-offs and landings at Prague airport. It also provided reports on meteorological conditions and data such as wind direction and speed.

The operations were tested and verified with the Air Traffic Control of the Czech Republic and Prague Airport by prescribed procedures. A tweet from ČHMÚ on January 10, 2024, confirmed the complete restoration of the system.

The malfunction of the meteorological station at the airport was caused by lightning last week—the fault, coupled with reduced visibility, particularly over the weekend, complicated operations at the airport. Dozens of flights were diverted, and several airlines also canceled their routes.

Due to the failure of the meteorological station, flight dispatchers did not have access to weather data and could not adequately inform crews about the situation at the airport. According to Klára Divíšková, a spokesperson for Prague Airport, the combination of unavailable meteorological data and adverse weather was one of the most significant operational complications in recent years.