Meteorological Warnings In The Czech Republic: Frost and Strong Winds Expected

Meteorologists are issuing a warning for frost expected on Tuesday night and early Tuesday morning. Alongside the frost, strong winds are predicted to blow over the next two days. Gusts of wind are expected to reach speeds of around 70 kilometers per hour.

The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute is cautioning especially low-lying areas, where fruit trees are already blossoming. “On Monday evening and Tuesday night, temperatures can drop to -2°C, in valleys even to -4°C, especially in Southwestern and Northern Bohemia, on the Czech-Moravian Highlands, in the Northeast of Moravia and in Silesia,” warn meteorologists. By Tuesday morning, the frost should start to ease.

The warning applies to Plzeňský, Ústecký, Liberecký, Zlínský, Olomoucký, and Moravskoslezský regions, as well as parts of Vysočina, Karlovarský, Jihočeský, Královéhradecký, Pardubický, and Jihomoravský regions.

Strong wind is expected especially in the eastern half of the area. The wind alert will be in effect from Tuesday 9:00 to Wednesday 21:00 in Moravia and Silesia, as well as in Frýdlantsko and Liberecko.

The warning affects the whole of Moravia and Silesia, with the exception of part of the Moravskoslezský region, parts of Liberecký, Jihočeský, Královéhradecký and Středočeský regions, and the whole Pardubický region.