Winter Wonderland: 20 Centimeters of Snowfall in Krkonoše

In a delightful turn of events for winter lovers, the ridge of Krkonoše experienced a snowfall of approximately 20 centimeters on Monday night. The spell of snow has increased the level of avalanche danger in Krkonoše from the first to the second degree on a five-point scale. The ridges now boast a snow blanket between 80 and 125 centimeters thick.

The snowfall wasn’t limited to Krkonoše, as the Orlické Mountains experienced a generous dusting. On mountain roads in the Hradec Králové region, a layer of slushy or compacted snow remained in the morning, adding to the winter splendor.

On Monday morning, temperatures in the mountains were several degrees below zero. The ridge of Luční bouda recorded minus four degrees Celsius, while on Sněžka, the highest peak at 1603 meters, it was minus 5.3 degrees Celsius.

However, due to strong winds, the perceived temperature on Sněžka was around minus 15 degrees Celsius. The wind speed reached over 90 kilometers per hour in gusts, according to data from the Poštovna Anežka measuring station at the top of the mountain. Meanwhile, the temperature in Pec pod Sněžkou hovered around zero.

Despite the chilly conditions, the snowfall is good news for ski enthusiasts. Skiing continues in Špindlerův Mlýn, Pec pod Sněžkou, and on Černá hora at Janské Lázně. The resorts offer about 13 kilometers of ski trails and plan to maintain operations until Easter.