Most Czech Drivers Prefer Less Bold, Monochromatic Colors for Their Cars

According to a recent survey, most Czech drivers prefer to purchase cars in less bold, monochromatic colors. The most popular colors are blue, white, and silver, with younger women being the least conservative in their choices.

While some drivers remain loyal to one color throughout their lives, the majority change their preferences over time, with women, in particular, becoming less interested in black as they age.

Data from AURES Holdings, which operates AAA Auto dealerships, also shows that men’s color preferences shift towards brown as they age. Black is more prevalent among younger drivers, who associate it with luxury. At the same time, white is seen as a trendy color, and silver-gray is favored for its ability to minimize visible dirt and scratches.

Young female drivers under 25 are generally less conservative in their color choices. According to Petr Vaněček, COO of AURES Holdings, “Like other Europeans, Czechs are generally more conservative when choosing car colors and opt for less expressive shades. During our more than thirty years in practice, we have noticed that young female drivers under 25 are less conservative in their color choices and tend to choose from a broader range of colors. Black is not as dominant a color for women as it is for men, and their interest in it even declines over the years. Senior women choose black in less than 5% of cases, making it the seventh most popular color in that age group. Men’s color preferences vary much less over their lifetimes.”

According to TipCars, a company that analyzes car sales, less bold colors are also more prevalent for used cars. Blue is the most popular color for new and used vehicles, followed by white, black, and silver. The least popular car colors are gold or yellow, green, and beige. The data also shows that white and gray are the most sought-after colors in Prague, while blue is the most popular in other regions.