Rising Tire Prices and Declining Sales as Motorists Delay Switching

Starting April 1st, motorists are no longer required to use winter tires. However, most of them are delaying their tire change. In some cases, prices have increased by up to a thousand crowns for a set. The price list for tire services, which was expanded last fall, remains unchanged, but prices are being raised by 10 to 15 percent.

In a press release, Pneumatiky.cz brings the results of its survey among drivers, which took place at the turn of this year’s March and April. According to it, 63 percent of survey participants recorded an increase in the price of their summer tires.

Another price increase is expected during the spring, with 59 percent of drivers. As a result of these concerns, 14 percent of drivers admitted that they know someone in their area which is already buying winter tires in advance.

The rise in summer tire prices

Pneumatiky.cz states that the price of summer and all-season tires has increased by 13 percent yearly. “During the first quarter of this year, drivers spent an average of 8,900 crowns on four summer or all-season tires, which is 1,000 crowns more than during the first three months of 2022,” described Vojtěch Schwangmaier, the director of the e-shop. Cheaper brands in the economy class have risen the most, while premium brands have risen the least.

“Prices for summer tires here have varied depending on the individual manufacturers. Barum tires from the mid-range sell the best, while there is a lot of interest in Continental and Nokian from the high-end. Deliveries of Nokian tires are currently difficult, but customers still want them,” said Tomáš Kejzlar from the Strašnice branch of AutoCentrum ČR and added that prices for Barum tires have not changed. In contrast, Continental and Nokian tires have increased slightly.

The biggest rush at tire services is yet to come

The fact that drivers are delaying this year’s spring tire change due to the continued cold weather at the end of March was confirmed by a tire service in Bohnice. “We have enough work now but expect a larger influx of customers after Easter. We operate locally here, and many local people come to us. They are great and come back to us,” revealed Jiří Hladík, the owner of a local tire service, adding that current prices have had to be increased by ten to fifteen percent compared to last fall.

A complete service that includes tire changes and wheel balancing on ALU discs will cost 990 crowns in Bohnice, including assembly. If the customer has a summer set of tires on separate discs, they will pay 790 crowns for the balancing and aggregation of all wheels.

“Some people are no longer hesitating and are changing their tires now. The customers’ safety is our priority,” Hladík added.