Mushrooms grow best in the Southern Bohemia

The warm and rainy weather of the last few days has been good for mushrooms, and they are growing. But not everywhere. According to mycologists, South Bohemia is one of the few places in the Czech Republic where it is inevitable that you will not return from the forest with an empty basket.

“South Bohemia is the best place for mushroom picking right now. In particular, mushrooms, dry mushrooms, and pigeon mushrooms grow the most around Šumava. In western Bohemia and Moravia, for example, people complain that there is no sign of mushrooms,” mycologist Jaroslav Landa said.

A basket full of mushrooms in an hour

A full basket of mushrooms was brought from the forest on Monday by the Krákorova family, who are on holiday in the Sumava region of Zadov.

“We went to the forests around Olšiny. We had a full basket of mushrooms and dried mushrooms in an hour. The mushrooms are not even very wormy. We make mushroom steaks and fried mushrooms. We’ll go and dry some more in the week,” said Lenka Krákorová.

Even mushrooms and chanterelles

According to mycologist Landa, mushrooms grow not only in forests but also in meadows and around ponds. There, especially mushrooms.

“Beware of the clammy mushroom. It is poisonous and can easily be confused with other roasted mushrooms that turn yellow. Edible roasters smell like bitter almonds or aniseed,” the mycologist reminded.

Mushroom pickers from the South Bohemian forests also bring baskets full of chanterelles. Few people probably know that chanterelles are among the richest known sources of vitamin D and are highly valued culinarily.

“There have been years when the growth of foxes was very weak or non-existent. This year, people are finding them. Nature is simply nature,” Landa added.