New Employees Earn Up to 15% More Than Existing Ones in The Czech Republic

The job market in the Czech Republic is experiencing a slight cooling, but companies are still looking to hire, especially for the first half of the year. Those planning to switch jobs will find it relatively easy to do so. Moreover, most firms offer newcomers an average of 15% higher wages than their existing employees.

This revelation comes from the personnel agency ManpowerGroup ČR as part of their regular survey among employers and employees. However, it’s not a universal trend. In many professions, especially manual ones like in the industry or supermarkets, the rules are stricter. However, in other places, newcomers can negotiate higher incomes.

The flip side for companies is that good employees might leave for better opportunities elsewhere. As a result, job seekers are advised to target “hot” job markets. Applicants’ most sought-after benefits include a four-day work week, flexibility at the beginning and end of the workday, and the possibility of a home office.

The survey also revealed that 30% of employers plan to hire new people in the upcoming quarter, while 24% will lay off. The rest will either maintain the existing state or remain uncertain. While the balance is positive, optimism is noticeably lower than in the last two years.

Looking ahead, the Czech job market is set for significant transformation, driven by the strong onset of digitalization and artificial intelligence and a decrease in the workforce. Already, more people are retiring than graduating from school. This issue will become more critical in a decade when the large generation of “Husak’s children” reaches retirement age, resulting in up to 70,000 more retirees yearly than graduates.