Skiing Season Ends on a Tough Note: Increase in Accidents and Insurance Claims

The skiing season in the Czech Republic has been marked by challenging conditions, with heavy and wet snow on the slopes and icy conditions in higher regions of the Alps. These conditions have resulted in an increase in reported accidents and insurance claims compared to previous years.

Most domestic ski resorts are now closing prematurely, with snow remaining only on the slopes. The rapid melting of snow due to high temperatures and rain has made slopes more dangerous, mainly on afternoons. The predominantly artificial snow requires constant reshuffling by snow groomers.

According to Vlastimil Divoký from ERV European Insurance, the heavy snow conditions, which skiers are now struggling with in places like Austria, have caused an increased number of knee injuries. The challenging snow conditions have also led to an increase in skier collisions.

Insurance companies have noted an overall increase in claims. “In travel insurance in general, we register an increase in costs. This is not only due to difficult snow conditions in the mountains, although that also plays a role,” confirmed Eva Svobodová, spokesperson for the insurance company Uniqa. Less experienced skiers struggle with poorly groomed slopes, heavy snow, and increased ski traffic.

The ski season in the Czech Republic is nearing its end. Large ski resorts remain in operation, but some are facing their final days of skiing. Despite the less-than-ideal conditions for off-piste skiing in the Czech Republic or the Alps this year, powder lovers should be cautious and ensure their travel insurance covers any potential accidents off marked slopes.