New forecast: up to minus 12 degrees and up to 15 cm of snow

Meteorologists on Friday extended the ice warning to include a snow warning. They warned on Facebook that up to 15 centimeters of new snow could fall by Saturday evening.

Meteorologists warned of the risk of ice on Thursday, but they refined the warning on Friday. It is valid until Saturday morning in the Czech Republic, but the notice may differ for specific regions.

“During today, it will get colder from the north-east and temperatures will gradually drop below freezing from the north and north-east,” the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ) said on Friday.

Temperatures may drop to minus 12 degrees Celsius on Sunday night. On Saturday, it will be frosty during the day.

“Wet surfaces will become icy, and in places, ice will form, and frost will form in the case of snow cover. There will be all-day frost in places during the day on Saturday, so icy conditions and frost may persist until Sunday morning,” the meteorologists noted.

A snow warning is in effect from Friday to Saturday evening, mainly for southern and western Bohemia. “Rainfall will gradually turn to snow, with the most intense snowfall expected from Friday evening in the territory’s southwest, where snowfall will persist throughout Saturday and weaken in the evening,” the meteorologists wrote.

They say in the text of the warning on their website that around 8 centimeters could fall in 12 hours, but on Facebook, they say it could be more.

“Between 5 and 15 cm of new snow may fall in the southwest of the territory. In the rest of the territory, between 0 and 5 cm of new snow will fall,” the social network post said.

It had already snowed in some places overnight on Thursday. Meteorologists have warned of the risk to drivers and pedestrians due to the snow and ice.

“You should walk carefully outdoors; older or less mobile people should limit going out. Drivers are advised to monitor traffic reports and drive very carefully,” they advised.