New Prague Metro Line for 97.79 Billion CZK

Today the building of the new metro D line from Pankrác station towards Nové Dvory was accepted. It will cost about 52.09 billion CZK. The first stage of work may begin in October 2021

The smallest section of the blue line will cover the stations Nové Dvory, Nemocnice Krč, Nádraží Krč, Olbrachtova and Pankrác, where it will intersect with the red line C. 

Construction will take eight years. The city authorities are also counting on subsidies from European funds.

“Line D is problematic in terms of funding. Difficulties are also significant because the state has not yet expressed clear support for investments. This is, despite the fact that Prague has already received the green light from the then Prime Minister Boguslav Sobotka, ”said Pavel Vignanek, Deputy Mayor for Finance and Budget.

The city plans to receive the total amount for the construction gradually. Construction is expected to cost $ 0.17 billion this year, with the largest amount of 9.65 billion CZK to be spent in 2027.

In the second stage, the metro will be laid to Depo Písnice. In the future, a section is planned from Pankrác station to Náměstí Míru. The location from where the metro will go at Náměstí Míru has not yet been decided. The total project cost rounds up to 97.79 billion CZK.