New Stamp Collection Featuring Czech President Petr Pavel

Michal Kamaryt, ČTK

The Czech Post has announced the release of a new stamp collection featuring the portrait of President Petr Pavel. Designed by Petr Štěpán, the collection includes ten stamps, each with a nominal value represented by the letter B and a portrait of the Czech Republic’s president. However, each stamp also features a background in a different color related to a place, event, or object significant to Czech culture and history.

Various sources, including the Czech anthem, literary works, and traditional crafts, inspired the stamps’ colors. The background colors behind the portrait of the president range from “květolipová” (a shade of pink), “českomotorková” (a shade of blue), to “babičkově malinovková” (a shade of red).

The stamp collection comes in a set of ten and will be sold for 230 Czech korunas. The Czech Post has produced 100,000 sets of stamps, which are self-adhesive. The stamps will only be sold as a complete set, and there are no plans to reprint them.

The new stamp collection is an excellent way to celebrate Czech culture and history and will surely be a hit with collectors and stamp enthusiasts alike.