No crowds flocked to the pubs after the lifted restrictions

Those who expected that once the infection-free checks were lifted, pubs, taverns, cafes, and restaurants would be inundated with unvaccinated customers were mistaken. At noon on Thursday, in most places in the Czech Republic, these businesses did not see a significant upward movement in sales compared to previous days.

The restaurant of the Zvon Hotel in České Budějovice on Přemysl Otakar II Square was also well occupied on Thursday. “These are all people who have shown their Tečka or hotel guests here before. Of those who have stopped coming because of the checks, only one friend had lunch here,” the bartender mentioned. 

At the U Jindřišská věže restaurant near Wenceslas Square in Prague on Thursday, they did not notice a rush of diners around lunchtime. A waitress who had just taken the order of one of the guests said: “I think the unvaccinated ones will not come for the Moravian sparrow, but the beer.” She’s glad for the release, but only a portion of the tables was occupied shortly afternoon. Meanwhile, the food here had only gone up in price by about two crowns on average.

Ostrava’s Radegastovna on Masaryk Square had no shortage of guests on Thursday at noon. Shortly after 11 a.m., all tables were already occupied. In the vast majority of cases, the reason for this was the lunch menu.

The Brioni Hotel on Stodolní Street in Ostrava and the Šilheřovice Chateau, which offers a restaurant and accommodation, are also registering more guests. “We are already hearing from those who canceled events in December because someone was not vaccinated or was afraid. The same applies to weddings and family celebrations,” said Markéta Hubyčová, manager of both businesses.