No Indian summer. The end of September will be more like April.

The weather in the coming working week will be rather rainy with below-average temperatures. It could snow on the mountain tops, and ground frosts may appear in the morning.

“Clouds will be April-like—we expect a lot of showers or occasional rain,” Honsová said. Thunderstorms could also appear on Monday. Weather during the week will be partly cloudy to cloudy with rain or showers. Temperatures will hover around 15 degrees during the day.

Monday will be mostly cloudy to overcast, with rain or showers. Thunderstorms may develop in the eastern part of the Czech Republic in the afternoon. Temperatures will reach 15 to 19 degrees.

It should cool to 11 to 15 degrees the next day. Skies will be cloudy on Tuesday with rain or showers in most of the area.

On Wednesday, rain or showers will only occur locally. However, it will still be cloudy to overcast. “There may also be mixed precipitation or snow on the peaks of the Ore Mountains,” Honsová said. There is some fog in the morning.

Morning temperatures will be 4 to 8 degrees, and fog will appear. Temperatures will stay low, only between 11 and 15 degrees during the day.

Thursday will be cloudy with showers, and the Ore Mountains may again see mixed showers. Temperatures will drop to between 2 and 6 degrees in the morning, with ground temperatures dropping to zero. During the day, temperatures will get higher than Wednesday, reaching 13 to 17 degrees.

Friday will be cloudy to partly cloudy with isolated showers. Morning temperatures will remain between 2 and 6 degrees, again with a ground frost. Afternoon lows will climb to 14 to 18 degrees.

Honsová expects the same temperatures next weekend. On Saturday, it should be partly cloudy to cloudy; on Sunday, the sky may become cloudy, and showers may appear.